West of Twin Peaks Central Council - Minutes for February 24, 2003

13 Organizations Present:
Balboa Terrace, Alexa Vuksich
Forest Hill, Walt Farrell
Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson
Ingleside Terrace, Paul Conroy
Lakeshore Acres, Barbara Chionsini
Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman
Merced Manor, Karen Niglio
Midtown Terrace Assn., Gilbert De La Mora
Miraloma Park, Karen Wood
Pinelake Park Neighborhood Assn., Karen Kinahan
Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., George Zaback
Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho
Westwood Park, Margaret Reed

5 Organizations Absent:
Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes, Monterey Heights, Sherwood Forest, St.Francis Homes

Bill Chionsini, President
Laurie Berman, Vice President
Margaret Reed, Treasurer
Rae Doyle, Recording Secretary
Dave Bisho, Parliamentarian

Charlie Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Alene Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Dorcas Maureen Bender, Merced Manor
Lynn Lynch, Merced Manor
Mike Garcia, Merced Manor
Christophe Niglio, Merced Manor
Tim Colen, Greater West Portal
Kelley Hayden, Parkside District Improvement Club
Gerald Towan, Twin Peaks Improvement Assn.
Jeannette Dutil, Pinelake Park Assn.
Kit Powers, Mayor's Office
John Gavin, Newson for Mayor
D. J. Canepe, Assemblyman Leland Yee's Office
Sean Elsbernd, Office of Supervisor Hall
Annamarie Conroy, Ingleside Terrace

Featured Speakers: AMIT GHOSH, PLANNING. DEPT.
Meeting called to order 7:41 p.m
Minutes: The January 27, 2003 minutes were approved with corrections
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Margaret Reed reported that there is $3,295.72 in the Treasury
Committee Reports:
Zoning: Bud Wilson reporting. Because there is an estimated $300,000,000 budget shortfall, WTPCC as an umbrella group should ask the Board of Supervisors to bring its Budget Committee hearings into the neighborhood again this year. The following are issues affecting us: Stonestown DEIR, City Action Plan Housing Element, and a resurrected SFO Runway extension. The Airfield Development Bureau is pursuing plans to build a mile of runway in the Bay according to SF Tomorrow.
Ocean Avenue Revitalization: Paul Conroy reporting: City College Master Plan includes new buildings to be built over the next 10 years because there is money available from the bond issue passed last year. Development of the south side of the reservoir, building of a performing arts center and health and wellness center are being planned. The neighbors still want a pedestrian plaza at the site of Phelan Loop instead of housing. Regarding the pylon at Ocean & Victoria, there will be a public hearing on March 5. One person wants to save the pylon.
Stonestown Village: Bill Chionsini reporting: The hearing on the Stonestown DEIR is on 2/27/03 and whatever view people have about the project, they should insist on a complete and accurate DEIR. The neighborhood associations around the project have come to WTPCC for support in asking for an accurate DEIR, and people need to take a stand and speak up at the hearing.
Paul Conroy reported that Ingleside Terrace has voted to oppose the adequacy of the Stonestown DEIR in the spirit of assisting member neighbors.
Lakeshore Plaza: None
Website: Dave Bisho reporting: At the March meeting, Avrum Shepard will demonstrate a proposed WTPCC Website.

New Business: Tim Colen announced that a group of associations is sponsoring a meeting regarding the budget at the Stonestown YMCA on March 18. Experts from labor, business and government will participate.
Old Business: none
Delegate News & Announcements: Karen Kinahan announced that Crestlake has changed its name to Pinelake Park Neighborhood Assn. & doubled its membership.
Featured Speakers: Lt. Barsetti discussed the training of officers and plans to protect the community against terrorist attacks when the bombs start to fall. Schools are expected to be targets. However, neighborhoods will not be targets.
AMIT GHOSH discussed the Housing Element of the City Action Plan, the goal of which is to provide affordable housing for anticipated population increase in the coming years. Transportation corridors are planned for increased density in housing units
Code changes are proposed that include increasing height limits and eliminating parking spaces for each new housing unit.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.